MLU Lifebuoy Ring With Reflectives - 2.5kg, Orange

MLU Lifebuoy Ring With Reflectives - 2.5kg, Orange

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Type:Lifebuoy Ring

    MLU Lifebuoy Ring With Reflectives is a safety device designed to aid in water rescue situations. It is a buoyant ring made of durable materials that can support the weight of a person in the water. The 2.5kg weight specification refers to the buoyancy or flotation capacity of the lifebuoy ring.

    The lifebuoy ring is equipped with reflective, which are reflective strips or materials attached to the outer surface of the ring. These reflective enhance visibility in low-light or nighttime conditions, making it easier for rescuers to locate and identify the lifebuoy ring in the water.

    Overall, MLU Lifebuoy Ring With Reflectives serves as an important safety tool, providing buoyancy and improved visibility to aid in water rescues and ensure the safety of individuals in emergency situations.

    • Lifebuoys are type IV Flotation devices circular in shape with a connecting line to be used when the user is to be pulled in emergent situations while afloat in water.
    • They are made up of inflatable rubber and are usually in a combination of white and bright red color for easy visibility even in fading light.
    • It weighs around 2.5- 4.5 kg and is expected to have a buoyancy factor of 14.5 kg.
    • These are manufactured in accordance with the 1996 Amendment to SOLAS 1974, the International Life-Saving Appliance Code, and MSC. 81(70) and for use aboard vessels making international voyages

    Type : Lifebuoy Ring

    Model : MLU

    Color : Orange

    Weight : 2.5 Kg

    Drop Height : 80 Meters

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