Miller HLL Latex Coated Gloves 12 pcs Orange

Miller HLL Latex Coated Gloves 12 pcs - Orange

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Type:Safety Gloves

    Miller HLL Latex Coated Gloves in are a type of protective handwear commonly used in various industrial and safety applications. These gloves are designed to offer both high visibility and enhanced grip while providing protection to the wearer's hands.

    The latex coating on the palm and fingers of the gloves provides a secure grip, allowing for better control and manipulation of objects. This is particularly important in tasks that require dexterity and precision, such as handling tools, machinery, or small parts. The latex coating also adds a layer of abrasion resistance, protecting the hands from cuts, punctures, and scrapes.

    The high-visibility of Miller HLL Latex Coated Gloves ensures that the wearer's hands are easily visible in low-light or hazardous environments. This feature is especially crucial in situations where workers need to be easily seen by their colleagues or by moving vehicles, such as construction sites, roadwork, or warehouse operations.

    • Flexible And Comfortable.
    • Good Grip & Breathability.
    • Elastic Wristband.
    • Anti-Slip And Penetration Resistance.
    • Suitable For Mechanical And Low-Temperature Environments.

    Brand : Miller

    Type : Latex Coated Gloves

    Model : HLL

    Color : Orange

    Finish : Latex

    Application : Manufacturing, Construction, Gardening, Maintenance, Assembly, and Warehousing.

    Size : 10(XL)

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