Laliza NTE Life Jacket - 100N (90 Kg)

Laliza NTE Life Jacket - 100N (90 Kg)

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Type:Life Jacket

    Laliza NTE Life Jacket is typically made from materials that provide buoyancy, such as foam or inflatable chambers. They are designed to be worn around the torso and are adjustable to fit different body sizes. Life jackets are commonly used in various water activities, including boating, kayaking, rafting, fishing, and water sports.

    • 100 Newton life jackets reduce the risk of drowning for both swimmers and non-swimmers
    • Life jackets have step straps to keep the vest safe while in the water
    • It includes a webbing lock, flute, plastic zipper, and SOLAS retro reflex.
    • A final rope with a plastic button is attached to the end of each life jacket for adjustable ones.
    • Approved to the latest European standards for 100 Newton lifejackets, ISO 12402-4.
    • All of their raw materials are certified according to ISO 12402-7 and ISO 12402 -8



    Brand : Laliza

    Type : Life Jacket

    Model : NTE

    Color : Orange

    Weight Capacity : 90KG

    Size : Freesize

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