Jotun Fenomastic Wonderwall Life Interior Paint Silk, 3186 - Pashmna

Jotun Fenomastic Wonderwall Life Interior Paint Silk, 3186 - Pashmina

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    Imagine a home that breathes life into every moment. Where every wall looks after you just the way you want it to be and where leading a life of care and beauty isn't a choice, but a lifestyle. Discover luxurious silky walls with absolutely no smell or harmful emissions. A highly washable paint that quietly and consciously purifies the air so you can always celebrate one beautiful breath after another. This is beauty with a whole new purpose. This is beauty that’s good for you.

    • Luxurious Silky Finish
    • Superior Washability
    • No Smell
    • Improved indoor air quality

    Brand : Jotun

    Model : Wonderwall Life

    Type : Interior Paint

    Color Name : Pashmina

    Color Code : 3186

    Finish : Silk

    Dry Time : 6 hrs

    Coverage : 12 sq/m

    Coats : 2

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