IPC RS Screw Varnished Wooden Handle 150cm RSR80 - Beech

IPC RS Screw Varnished Wooden Handle 150cm RSR80 - Beech

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Collections:Household Supplies
Type:Wooden Handle

    IPC RS RSR80 Screw Varnished Wooden Handle is commonly used for various tools, such as brooms, mops, shovels, rakes, and other implements. Beechwood is known for its strength and resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for handling heavy or repetitive tasks. Varnishing the wooden handle gives it a smooth finish, making it comfortable to grip and reducing the risk of splinters.

    The varnish helps protect the wood from absorbing moisture, which can cause swelling and potential damage over time. Varnishing enhances the natural beauty of the beech wood, giving the handle an attractive appearance. By protecting the wood from environmental factors, the varnish can extend the lifespan of the handle, ensuring it remains usable for a long time.

    • Screw varnished wooden handle.
    • Application: broom, mop, stick, shovel, hoe, rake, pickaxe, brush.
    • Usage: House and floor cleaning, household cleaning tools, common household items, Garden tools accessories.
    • Feature: Eco-Friendly, smooth, durable, natural color,round, not easy to crack, long.

      Brand : IPC RS

      Item Name : Screw Varnished Wooden Handle

      Model : RSR80

      Material : Wood

      Color : Beech

      Dimensions : 23 x 150 cm

      Length : 150 cm

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