IPC RS RSACE15+RSANTA140 Polypropylene Multipurpose Cleaning, Service Trolley

IPC RS Polypropylene Multipurpose Cleaning, Service Trolley RSACE15+RSANTA140

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Brand:IPC RS
Collections:Household Supplies
Type:Janitorial Trolley

    IPC RS RSACE15+RSANTA140 Polypropylene Multipurpose Cleaning, Service Trolley is a versatile tool used in various industries and settings to aid in cleaning and service operations. The trolley is made primarily from polypropylene, a durable and lightweight thermoplastic material that is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and impact. The main frame of the trolley is constructed from polypropylene, providing strength and stability while being easy to clean and maintain.

    The trolley is equipped with multiple shelves and compartments to hold cleaning supplies, tools, and other items necessary for cleaning tasks. These shelves are often adjustable or removable for customization. The trolley is equipped with casters or wheels, usually swivel or lockable, to facilitate easy movement and maneuverability, even in tight spaces. The trolley features a handle or push bar to push or pull the trolley effortlessly during cleaning rounds.

    IPC RS RSACE15+RSANTA140 Polypropylene Multipurpose Cleaning, Service Trolley is commonly used in various settings such as hotels, hospitals, offices, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. It streamlines cleaning tasks by providing a centralized location for carrying all necessary cleaning supplies and tools, making it convenient for cleaning staff to move from one area to another while maintaining their cleaning efficiency.


    • Polypropylene base with 4 rubber wheels
    • (metal fork) Ø 100 mm.
    • Rilsan support with frontal holes
    • 4 x Polypropylene clip
    • Fibreglass support for accessories with a dovetail joint
    • Polypropylene support for 120 lt. bag
    • (complete with clip fixing bag and lateral reinforcing supports)
    • Support for wringer
    • 2 x 15 lt. polypropylene bucket
    • Polypropylene STRONG wringer with nylon gears
    • Polypropylene holder for handle
    • Polypropylene support for mop
    • 4 x Cover for base
    • Nylon cover

            Brand : IPC RS

            Item Name : Cleaning & Service Trolley

            Model : RSACE15 + RSANTA140

            Color : Grey

            Size : 76 x 85 x 104 (L x W x H) cm

            Weight : 16 Kg

            Volume : 0,217 m³

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