IPC Levita Hand Soap Dispenser 900ml White

IPC Levita Hand Soap Dispenser 900ml - White

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Type:Soap Dispenser

    IPC Levita Hand Soap Dispenser is designed to hold and dispense hand soap or liquid soap in a convenient and hygienic manner. The capacity of 900ml means it can hold up to 900 milliliters of liquid soap, reducing the need for frequent refills.

    The dispenser is typically made of plastic or other durable materials and is designed with a pump mechanism that allows users to press or push a lever to release the soap. The white color of the dispenser gives it a clean and neutral appearance that can blend well with various bathroom or kitchen settings.

    IPC Levita Hand Soap Dispenser is commonly found in public restrooms, commercial spaces, and household bathrooms or kitchens. They offer a more sanitary way to dispense soap compared to traditional bar soaps since users don't need to touch the soap directly.

    • Practical: It can be installed on the wall; on columns or inside vehicles
    • Ergonomic: Round shape easy to clean
    • Tank level refillable indicator

        Brand : IPC Levita

        Item Name : Automatic Hand Soap Liquid Dispenser

        Color : ABS White

        Material : ABS

        Capacity : 900ml

        Dimensions : 230 X 235 X 340 mm

        Weight : 340grm

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