Hygiene System Plastic Sponge Wiper 43cm with Metal Handle

Hygiene System Plastic Sponge Wiper with Metal Handle 43cm

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Brand:Hygiene System
Collections:Household Supplies
Type:Floor Wiper

    Hygiene System Plastic Sponge Wiper 43cm With Metal Handle is a cleaning tool commonly used in various settings for cleaning and maintaining cleanliness. 43cm is the size of the plastic sponge wiper. The sponge part of the wiper is likely made from a soft and absorbent material, usually made from plastic foam. It is used to soak up liquids and clean surfaces effectively. 

    The sponge can be used for wiping off spills, and stains, or for general cleaning purposes. The metal handle is part of the cleaning tool that provides stability and allows the user to hold and maneuver the sponge wiper. Metal handles are often durable and can withstand regular use in various cleaning tasks.

    Overall, Hygiene System Plastic Sponge Wiper 43cm With Metal Handle is a useful cleaning tool for maintaining cleanliness in various environments, such as homes, offices, healthcare facilities, and more. 


    • High-quality material is used
    • The wiper is soft and absorbent material

      Brand : Hygiene System

      Item Name : Plastic Sponge Wiper With Handle

      Model : MV9000 + MH

      Length : 43cm

      Color : Red, Yellow, Blue & Green

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