Hygiene System MV1000LB+MH Soft Broom With Metal Handle Light Brown

Hygiene System MV1000LB+MH Soft Broom With Metal Handle - Light Brown

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Brand:Hygiene System

    Hygiene System MV1000LB+MH Soft Broom With Metal Handle typically refers to a cleaning tool designed for sweeping and cleaning indoor surfaces, especially those that require a gentle touch or where a traditional stiff broom might be too harsh. The broom features soft and flexible bristles made from materials like synthetic fibers or natural materials like horsehair or fine nylon. 

    These soft bristles are ideal for cleaning smooth and delicate surfaces like hardwood floors, tile, laminate, or other sensitive materials that could be scratched or damaged by stiffer bristles. Metal handles are typically more robust than wooden handles and can also be more resistant to moisture and environmental factors that might cause warping or splintering.

    • It offers unique bristle technology for improved cleaning performance on all indoor floor surfaces.
    • Fine black bristles sweep up dust and fine particles.
    • Bristles in a rectangular formation for better hair and particle removal.
    • Stiffer-angled red bristles for corner cleaning.
    • Rubber bumpers help protect furniture from accidental damage.
    • Non-flagged bristles help to effectively sweep pet hair.

        Brand : Hygiene System

        Item Name : Soft Broom With Metal Handle

        Model : MV1000LB+MH

        Color : Light Brown

        Bristle : Nylon

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