Hygiene System HSRF Room Air Freshener 300ml

Hygiene System HSRF Room Air Freshener - 300ml

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Brand:Hygiene System
Type:Room Air Freshener

    Hygiene System HSRF Room Air Freshener is designed to improve the scent of indoor spaces and create a more pleasant environment. 300ml refers to the volume or capacity of the air freshener container, which means it can hold 300 milliliters of air freshening liquid or spray. The air freshener comes in a container, often made of plastic or metal, with a spray nozzle or a method of releasing the fragrance.

    Inside the container, there is a scented liquid that emits a pleasant fragrance when released into the air. The scents can vary widely, from floral and fruity to woody or spicy, offering a range of options to suit different preferences. To use the Hygiene System HSRF Room Air Freshener, either press the nozzle or activate the dispensing mechanism, which sprays or releases the scented substance into the air.

    • Natural fragrance
    • Removes bad orders from the air leaving the room smelling fresh
    • It is convenient to use in the home, office, car or anywhere where bad orders can occur. 

        Brand : Hygiene System

        Item Name : Room Air Freshener

        Model : HSRF

        Capacity : 300ml

        Scents Available : Jasmine, Lavender & Otto

        Carton Packing : 1 x 12

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