Hygiene System Garbage Bin With Wheel And Centre Pedal 240L

Hygiene System Garbage Bin with Wheel And Centre Pedal 240L

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Brand:Hygiene System
Type:Garbage Bin

    Hygiene System Garbage Bin With Wheel And Centre Pedal is a large waste container commonly used for household, commercial, and industrial waste collection. 240L is the capacity of the garbage bin. This size is common in many municipalities and is suitable for regular household waste collection. The bin is equipped with two or four sturdy wheels, making it easy to move around, even when fully loaded with waste. The wheels are usually made of durable material to withstand rough surfaces.

    The center pedal, also known as a foot pedal or step pedal, is located on the bottom of the bin, usually on the front side. When pressed, it tilts the bin slightly, making it easier to lift and empty the contents into a garbage truck or dumpster. It usually comes with a hinged lid that helps contain odors and prevents pests from getting inside. 

    Hygiene System Garbage Bin With Wheel And Centre Pedal is used in waste collection programs where waste is separated into different categories, such as general waste, recyclables, or green waste. They are usually serviced by waste management companies or municipal waste collection services. The design of the 240L wheelie bin allows for efficient waste collection and transportation while promoting proper waste disposal practices.


    • Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor collection of Waste
    • Centre Pedal for hands-free opening & closing of the lid.
    • Wheels & Handle for easy movement of waste bin
    • Easy segregation of waste through color coding.
    • Washable and UV resistant.

            Brand : Hygiene System

            Item Name : Garbage Bin

            Model : CNC240 CENTRE PEDAL

            Available colors : Red, Green, Grey, Blue & Yellow

            Capacity : 240L

            Material : Plastic

            Dimensions : 730 X 575 X 1120 mm

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