Haug Bursten HB60301 Flexo Scrubbing Brush Multicolor

Haug Bursten HB60301 Flexo Scrubbing Brush - Multicolor

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Brand:Haug Bursten
Type:Scrubbing Brush

    Haug Bursten HB60301 Flexo Scrubbing Brush is a type of cleaning tool designed to remove dirt, stains, and debris from various surfaces. The term "Flexo" likely refers to the brush's flexible and adaptable design, which allows it to conform to different shapes and textures for effective cleaning. The scrubbing brush is typically equipped with stiff bristles made from materials like nylon or other synthetic fibers.

    Flexo Scrubbing Brush is commonly used for cleaning surfaces such as floors, tiles, grout, countertops, and other areas where stubborn dirt or stains need to be scrubbed away. They are especially useful in situations where a regular sponge or cloth may not be sufficient to remove the buildup.

    • Flexible Cleaning: Flexo Scrubbing Brushes work hard on tile, grout, ceramic & more.
    • It can be used in a variety of rooms and settings, for toilets, sinks, floors, outdoor furniture, and siding.
    • Ergonomic, strong fibers and sturdy bodies give you the power and ease to clean without slipping.
    • Comes in multicolors.

        Brand : Haug Bursten

        Item Name : Flexo Scrubbing Brush

        Model : HB60301

        Color : Red, Mango, White, Soft Rose, Soft Blue & Soft Green

        Dimensions : 190 x 70 x 40 mm

        Material : Polypropylene (PP), Polybutylene Perephthalate (PBT)

        Fibres Diameter : 0.35 mm

        Bristle Length : 25 mm

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