Grande GRCNSHTS009 GR Hand Shattaf With PVC Hose - White

Grande GRCNSHTS009 GR Hand Shattaf With PVC Hose - White

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Type:Shattaf Set

    Grande GRCNSHTS009 GR Hand Shattaf With PVC Hose typically consists of a handheld sprayer nozzle, usually made of plastic or metal, and a flexible hose that connects to the water supply. The PVC hose is designed to be durable, flexible, and resistant to water pressure. The color white often refers to the color of the device or the hose.

    The purpose of a Grande Shattaf is to provide a convenient and hygienic alternative to using toilet paper. It allows the user to spray water for personal cleaning, promoting cleanliness and freshness. The water pressure can be controlled by adjusting the flow from the sprayer nozzle.


    • Premium quality bidet set
    • Anti-slip handle to prevent the release
    • Leake Proof
    • Ergonomic Design

    Brand : Grande

    Type : Shattaf With Hose

    Model : GRCNSHTS009

    Material : PVC

    Color : White

    Quantity : 1 Pcs

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