Gazelle Portable Appliance Tester Kit G9308-KIT

Gazelle Portable Appliance Tester Kit G9308-KIT

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Type:Portable Appliance Tester

    Gazelle G9308-KIT Portable Appliance Tester Kit is a set of tools and devices designed to test the electrical safety of portable devices. These kits are commonly used by electricians, maintenance personnel, and safety inspectors to ensure that electrical equipment can be used safely in various environments. The testing process helps identify potential faults or defects that could pose a risk of electric shock or fire.

    • Easy-to-use PAT tester which does all the tests you need with minimal effort
    • Ideal for use by those new to PAT testing, or those with a smaller amount of appliances to test with up to 1000 test battery life
    • Insulation test at 250V and 500V
    • Earth continuity test (IT equipment safe)
    • Built-in mains socket connector
    • Simple interface - three buttons on the front clearly labeled for each appliance type

    Brand : Gazelle

    Type : Portable Appliance Tester Kit

    Model : G9308-KIT

    Insulation Resistance : 0.2-19.99MΩ

    Ground Resistance (Class 1) : PASS Value 0.2Ω

    Ground Resistance (IEC Lead) : PASS Value 0.2Ω

    Leakage Test : 0.1-10.5mA

    Power Socket Test : Normal, Earth Fault, Neutral Line Fault

    Voltage Tester Range : 24-1000V

    Socket Tester Rated Voltage : 250V AC

    Items Included : 1x G9308 Portable Appliance Tester, 1x G9301-II Voltage Detector, 1x G9302 Socket Tester, 1x G80363 13 Pcs VDE Screwdriver Set, 1x G9904 Pass/Fail Labels Set, 1x USB with GAZELLE PAT Software, 6x C Alkaline Batteries, 1x Test Lead, 1x IEC Lead, 1x Alligator Clip, 1x Hard Carrying Case

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