Gazelle Mini Sound Level Meter With Bluetooth G9406-Log

Gazelle Mini Sound Level Meter With Bluetooth G9406-Log

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Type:Sound Level Meter

    Gazelle G9406-Log Mini Sound Level Meter With Bluetooth functionality is usually a compact device that measures the intensity of sound in the environment. Additional Bluetooth functionality allows the device to transmit data wirelessly to a compatible smartphone or other devices for further analysis, logging, or monitoring. These devices can be useful in a variety of applications, including environmental monitoring, industrial environments, and personal use.

    • Maximum and minimum sound level mode
    • The data hold feature allows users to save readings
    • LCD backlight for bright, clear viewing
    • Simulated analog bar for better visualization.
    • Weighting modes A (ear)/C (machine).
    • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data transfer
    • Batteries included

    Brand : Gazelle

    Type : Mini Sound Level Meter

    Model : G9406-Log

    Noise Range : 30-130dB

    Sampling Time (Fast) : 125ms

    Sampling Time (Slow) : 1000ms

    Operating Temperature : 0 to 40°C

    Operating Humidity : 0-80% RH

    Storage Temperature : -20 to 60°C

    Storage Humidity : 0-75% RH

    Items Included : Operating Manual, 1.5V AAA - 3pcs

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