Gazelle Aluminum Box Level, 600mm G80380

Gazelle Aluminum Box Level 600mm G80380

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Type:Box Level

    Gazelle G80380 Aluminum Box Level is a tool used in construction and carpentry to determine if a surface is level or plumb. The length of 60 cm refers to the measurement of the spirit level and indicates its size. Aluminum is often used for spirit levels because it is resistant to corrosion and is less likely to warp.

    • Equipped with a shockproof end cap that absorbs impact and protects the level from damage
    • Aluminum alloy frame provides strength, durability, and lightweight construction
    • Easy-to-read scale, allows users to quickly and accurately read the measurements
    • High accuracy with a precision of 1.0mm per 1000mm

    Brand : Gazelle

    Type : Aluminum Box Level

    Model : G80380

    Size : 60cm

    Size (Imperial) : 24 Inch

    Material : Aluminum

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