FSL LED MR16-6.5QPDIM 6.5W Dimmable Spot Light Daylight

FSL LED MR16-6.5/QP/DIM 6.5W Dimmable Spot Light - Daylight

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Type:LED Spot Light

    FSL LED MR16-6.5/QP/DIM 6.5W Dimmable Spot Light is a type of light fixture that uses LED technology to produce a bright and energy-efficient light. The MR16 refers to the size and shape of the bulb, which is 16 millimeters in diameter and has a multifaceted reflector that helps direct the light in a focused beam.

    The 6.5W refers to the wattage of the bulb, which is relatively low and makes this light fixture an energy-efficient choice compared to traditional halogen bulbs. Additionally, the dimmable feature allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to your preference, making it a versatile option for various lighting needs.

    Overall, FSL LED MR16-6.5/QP/DIM 6.5W Dimmable Spot Light is a great choice for anyone looking for an energy-efficient, long-lasting, and versatile lighting solution.

    • Specified for performance at 180-265Vac;
    • Recommended for use well ventilated-light fitting to ensure maximum product life;
    • Not suitable for fully enclosed fixtures.
    • Guide-only light output may not be comparable;
    • Energy savings compared to FSL incandescent Lamp.

    Brand Name : FSL LED

    Item Name : Dimmable Spot Light

    Model : MR16-6.5/QP/DIM

    Color : Daylight

    Power output : 6.5W

    Input Voltage : AC180-265V 50/60Hz

    Rated Current : 30mA

    CRI : >80

    Beam Angle : 80°

    Life Span : 25,000Hours

    Operating Temperature : -20°C~40°C

    Size : 50X58mm

    Lamp Base : GU5.3

    Luminous : 520lm

    Color Temperature : 6500k

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