Dust Mop Set 80cm With Aluminium Handle Blue

Dust Mop Set 80cm With Aluminium Handle - Blue

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    Dust Mop Set 80cm With Aluminium Handle is designed to efficiently sweep and clean dust and debris from floors. Dust Mop Head is usually made of soft and absorbent materials like microfiber or cotton. It's designed to trap and hold dust and small particles effectively.

    The set comes with an 80cm long handle made of aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. This handle allows the user to comfortably hold and maneuver the dust mop while cleaning. The blue color refers to the color of the dust mop head. 

    • Combination Of Frame, Refill, and Aluminium Handle
    • Excellent results in cleaning and hygiene
    • It traps and absorbs any finest part of the dirt

            Item Name : Dust Mop Set With Aluminium Handle

            Model : RSR63PIPC+RSR48+CJ23-145

            Color : Blue

            Length : 80cm

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