Coronet CT221 Nail Brush Clear White, White & Blue

Coronet CT221 Nail Brush - Clear White, White & Blue

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Type:Nail Brush

    Coronet CT221 Nail Brush is a small, handheld grooming tool designed to clean and maintain the nails and cuticles. It is typically used during manicures or pedicures to remove dirt, debris, and excess cuticles from the nails and the skin around them. Nail brushes come in various sizes and designs, but they usually have bristles made from nylon or natural fibers.

    Coronet Nail Brush is a compact brush with a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. It has bristles on one end that are used for cleaning the nails and cuticles. Nail brushes are widely available in drugstores, beauty supply stores, and online retailers. They are an essential tool for maintaining clean and healthy nails and promoting overall hand hygiene.

    • Made from plastic and nylon
    • Ideal to remove dirt from your hands, feet Nails
    • Suitable for home, office, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
    • Practical and easy to clean

        Brand : Coronet

        Item Name : Nail Brush

        Model : CT221

        Color : Clear White, White & Blue

        Material : Plastic

        Bristle : Nylon

        Length : 9cm

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