Coco Brush With Wooden Handle 24 Inch Coco Fiber

Coco Brush With Wooden Handle 24 Inch - Coco Fiber

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Type:Hand Brush

    Coco Brush With Wooden Handle is a type of cleaning brush commonly used for sweeping and cleaning various surfaces, particularly outdoors. This wooden broom is a longer version and easily reaches remote places and corners. It is made of high-quality materials and is designed to help to remove fine dirt and light dust particles. A stick is included so, don't have to bend down far to clean stains. It is perfect for indoors and outdoors.

    The brush comes with a 24-inch long handle made of wood. Wooden handles are sturdy and comfortable to grip, providing sufficient length to reach larger areas without bending or straining the user's back. The size is relatively standard for outdoor sweeping brushes, offering a good balance between usability and maneuverability.

    • Made from natural coconut and they are best used for wiping off light dust and fine debris Make sure not to use this broom on wet floors as water can damage the bristles.
    • Eco-friendly and effective cleaning tool for outdoor surfaces
    • Plain rubber timber backfilled with natural coco fiber.

        Item Name : Coco Brush With Wooden Handle

        Model : COCO24 + CJ999

        Color : Coco fiber

        Length : 24 Inch

        Material : Wood & Coir Fibers

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