Baiyun Window Applicator Sleeve - 35cm

Baiyun Window Applicator Sleeve 35cm

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Type:Window Applicator Sleeve

    Baiyun Window Applicator Sleeve is a cleaning tool commonly used in window cleaning and other glass surface cleaning tasks. It is designed to attach to a window applicator or window scrubber, which is typically a handheld tool with a handle and a replaceable sleeve or pad. The sleeve is made from a material that is effective at capturing dirt, grime, and other debris from glass surfaces without leaving streaks or scratches.

    The 35cm measurement likely refers to the length or width of the sleeve, indicating that it is suitable for cleaning medium to large-sized windows. 


    • High-quality material is used
    • Have a fast window cleaning experience with this synthetic pile that has the ability to retain a large volume of water thus making effective cleaning more easier. When you are done with the rigorous glass window cleaning, you can simply throw it in the machine for a hassle free wash. It is lint free thus you need to be worried about the sleeve getting deteriorated.

            Brand : Baiyun

            Item Name : Window Applicator Sleeve

            Model : AF06214-(AF06406)

            Length : 35cm

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