AZ Hygiene AZ1300TB Center Pull Tissue Dispenser Tinted Blue

AZ Hygiene AZ1300TB Center Pull Tissue Dispenser - Tinted Blue

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Brand:AZ Hygiene
Type:Tissue Dispenser

    AZ Hygiene AZ1300TB Center Pull Tissue Dispenser is a type of dispenser used to dispense paper towels or tissues. It is designed in a way that allows users to pull the paper from the center of the roll easily. This type of dispenser is commonly found in restrooms, kitchens, and other public places where hand drying or cleaning is required.

    It refers to the color of the dispenser. Instead of the typical white or transparent color, this dispenser is tinted blue, which could be for aesthetic purposes or to match the decor of the surroundings. The blue tint might also serve as an indicator of the type of tissues or towels inside the dispenser, distinguishing it from other similar dispensers that might contain different types of paper materials.

    Overall, AZ Hygiene AZ1300TB Center Pull Tissue Dispenser is a functional and visually distinctive device that provides a convenient way to dispense paper towels or tissues in various settings.

    • Free Flow tissue cutter funnel
    • Dispense tissue amount as per personal preference usage
    • Suitable to use with tissue without perforation line with strong and safe cutting teeth
    • Equips with wall mounting plate to ease the dispenser installation and removal. User-friendly slot and out installation mechanism
    • Optional transparent cover for easy content viewing
    • Multiple choice of materials and colors to suit different needs.
    • All parts are made from 100% virgin material to ensure durability
    • Able to suit most of the market tissue sizes

      Brand : AZ Hygiene

      Item Name : Center Pull Tissue Dispenser

      Model : AZ1300TB

      Color : Tinted Blue

      Maximum Tissue Size : 240 diameter x 170(H)

      Material : ABS

      Dimensions : 250 Diameter x 315 (H)

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