AZ Hygiene AZ-321 Air Freshener Dispenser White

AZ Hygiene AZ-321 Air Freshener Dispenser - White

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Brand:AZ Hygiene
Type:Air Freshener Dispenser
    AZ Hygiene AZ-321 Air Freshener Dispenser is a device used to release pleasant scents into the air, helping to mask or eliminate unpleasant odors in indoor spaces. It comes in a white-colored variant. These dispensers are commonly used in various settings, such as homes, offices, restrooms, hotels, and other public spaces. These dispensers release bursts of fragrance at regular intervals. 
    • Up to 3 months battery life per cycle of battery (Depending on the setting of spray interval)
    • Integrated metal necking for better aerosol can holding
    • Suitable for wall mounting or placed on a flat surface
    • Key locking system to prevent pilferage
    • Optional Day, Night, and 24-hour working mode with integrated light sensor
    • Flexible adjustable spray interval setting: 5 to 25 minutes
    • On / off mode switch
    • Self-diagnose system to check circuit run properly and fault indicator
    • Low battery indicator light

      Brand : AZ Hygiene

      Item Name : Air Freshener Dispenser

      Model : AZ-321

      Color : White

      Can Size : Able to suit most of the market’s short can and tall can sizes

      Battery Life : Upto 3 Months

      Battery : 2D size battery (Super Heavy Duty & Above)

      Material : ABS

      Dimensions : 85(L) x 81(W) x 238(H)

      Weight : 13.7Kg

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