Armstrong EAO Machinist Hammer With TPR Handle - 800 Gms

Armstrong EAO Machinist Hammer With TPR Handle - 800 Gms

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Collections:Armstrong Hand Tools
Type:Machinist Hammer

    Armstrong EAO Machinist Hammer With TPR Handle is a type of hammer used primarily by machinists. It is designed to deliver precise and controlled blows in various metalworking applications. It has a weight of 800 grams. This weight is relatively light and suitable for delicate tasks that require precision.

    The head of the hammer is typically made of high-quality steel. It is heat-treated and hardened to provide durability and resistance against wear and tear. TPR handles are known for their ergonomic design, which provides a comfortable grip and helps reduce the transfer of impact vibrations to the user's hand.

    Machinist hammers typically have a narrow, flat face on one end and a slightly rounded peening face on the other end. The flat face is used for striking and shaping metal, while the peening face is often used for riveting or shaping metal by peening.

    Armstrong EAO Machinist Hammer With TPR Handle is commonly used in metalworking and machining applications, such as metal fabrication, precision assembly, sheet metal work, and similar tasks that require controlled blows and accuracy.

    • Anti-Slip & Anti-Shock TPR Handle
    • Handle-Head Fitted with Epoxy, Impossible to Pull Apart.
    • Designed for Tradesman, Machinists, Blacksmiths, Metalworkers, and Serious DIYers
    • Light-Medium Duty Usage: Metal Fabrication, Chiselling, Rounding Pins, Masonry, Shaping Block & Brick, Forging, Riveting, Stonework, Home Improvement

    Brand : Armstrong

    Type : Machinist Hammer

    Model : EAO

    Color : Yellow

    Weight : 800 Grams

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