Zenith Vertical Wall Mounted Water Heater 30L ZT30V

Zenith Vertical Wall Mounted Water Heater 30L ZT30V

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Type:Water Heater

    Zenith ZT30V Vertical Wall Mounted Water Heater is a type of water heater designed to be installed on a vertical surface, usually a wall. It has a steel tank, and the Duraglas layer is coated inside the steel tank, which guarantees protection against corrosive and fungal substances. The magnesium anode prevents electrolytic corrosion, which in turn extends the life of the tank.

    The immersion heating element consists of a nickel-chromium resistance wire coated with a mineral filler, all surrounded by copper tubing and sealed against moisture. It has a double function: check valve and pressure relief. An adjustable thermostat disconnects the water heater from power when the water temperature exceeds a preset temperature. A metal outer shell coated in a baked-on glossy white finish provides a sleek look and added comfort.

    • Storage Tank
    • Polyurethane Foam
    • Magnesium Anode
    • Heating Element
    • Outer Body
    • Thermostat
    • Permanent protection against corrosion.

      Brand : Zenith

      Type : Wall Mounted Water Heater

      Model : ZT30V

      Color : White

      Capacity : 30 L

      Installation : Vertical

      Power : 1.2kw

      Voltage : 220-240V

      Diameter (mm) : 350mm

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