Zenith Solar Water Heater 200L Thermosyphon ZT200S

Zenith Solar Water Heater 200L Thermosyphon ZT200S

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Type:Water Heater

    Zenith ZT200S Solar Water Heater Thermosyphon is a solar-powered water heating system with a capacity of 200 liters. It works on the thermosiphon principle and uses natural convection to circulate water through the system. The collector, typically mounted on the roof, absorbs sunlight and transfers heat to the water in the storage tank.

    The system includes a long-life solar collector, a well-insulated storage tank, and a heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer to water. The thermosiphon process uses the difference in density between hot and cold water to create a natural flow, eliminating the need for additional pumps or controls.

    Known for its energy efficiency and environmentally friendly operation, Zenith Solar Water Heater Thermosyphon uses renewable energy to meet hot water needs. For optimal performance, it is important to consider local climatic conditions and specific installation characteristics.

    • Thermosiphon - Natural convection for water circulation
    • Roof Mounted Solar Collector
    • The heat exchanger transfers energy from the collector to the water.
    • Components of the solar collector system, accumulator, and heat exchanger.
    • Solar energy source
    • Natural convection, no additional pumps required
    • Eco-friendly, harnesses renewable energy
    • Efficiency is based on sunlight, efficiency is influenced by local climate.

      Brand : Zenith

      Type : Solar Water Heater Thermosyphon

      Model : ZT200S

      Capacity : 200L

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