Zenith Electric Water Heater Wall Mount PRISMO ZP30, 30 L White

Zenith Electric Water Heater Wall Mount PRISMO ZP30, 30 L - White

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    1. Storage Tank
      The Zenith electric water heater has a Duraglass coating inside the steel tank which guarantees protection against corrosive & fungi formatting agents.
    2. Polyurethane Foam
      The dense honeycomb structure of the polyurethane foam helps to retain heat for an extended period of time, thus offering significant savings in electricity consumption.
    3. Magnesium Anode
      It prevents electrolytic corrosion, which in turn gives the water heater tank a longer life.
    4. Heating Element
      The immersion-type heating element is constructed from Nickel-Chromium resistance wire sheathed in the mineral filling, the whole being encased in a copper tube & sealed against moisture.
    5. Outer Body
      A Metal outer shell coated with a baked white gloss finish provides an elegant look & offers to the water heater.
    6. Safety Valve
      Zenith water heater has a dual function of a non-return valve & pressure release.
    7. Thermostat
      An adjustable thermostat disconnects the water heater from the electric supply if water exceeds a pre-set temperature—a lasting protection against corrosion.

      Brand : Zenith

      Type : Water Heater

      Model : PRISMO ZP30

      Color : White

      Capacity : 30 L

      Installation : Vertical

      Power : 1.2kw

      Voltage : 220-240V

      Maximum Working Pressure (Bar) : 8 bar

      Height (mm) : 495mm

      Diameter (mm) : 390mm

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