Vaultex UDO 100% Twill Pant & Shirt With Reflective - Beige

Vaultex UDO 100% Twill Pant & Shirt With Reflective - Beige

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Type:Pant & Shirt

    Vaultex UDO 100% Twill Pant & Shirt with Reflective is a set of clothing items designed for various industrial and occupational purposes. Both the pant and shirt have reflective elements incorporated into their design. These reflective materials enhance visibility in low-light conditions, making the wearer more noticeable to others. This feature is particularly useful in industries where workers are exposed to potential hazards or work during nighttime or low-light situations.



    • 2 Chest Pockets with Zip Closure Compartment & 2 Lower Swing Pockets 
    • Reflective Tapes on Both Sleeves & shoulders 



    • 2 Swing Pockets, 2 Side Pockets with Velcro Flap,  2 Back Pockets with Velcro 
    • Elasticized Waist Band At The Back For Improved Comfort
    • Reflective Tapes on Both Legs
    • Sanforized, Mercerized & Pre-Shrunk



    Brand : Vaultex

    Type : Reflective Pant & Shirt

    Model : UDO

    Color : Beige

    Fabric Thickness : 190 GSM

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