Vaultex RUB72 Anti-Vibration Mechanical Gloves

Vaultex RUB72 Anti-Vibration Mechanical Gloves - Grey

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Type:Safety Gloves

    Vaultex RUB72 Anti-Vibration Mechanical Gloves are a type of specialized gloves designed to provide protection and reduce vibration-related injuries for individuals working with vibrating tools and machinery. 

    Vaultex safety gloves are specifically engineered to minimize the effects of vibrations transmitted from tools or machinery to the wearer's hands. They feature built-in padding and damping materials strategically placed in the palm and fingers to absorb and dampen vibrations, reducing the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and related conditions.

    These gloves offer mechanical protection to the hands, guarding against cuts, abrasions, and impacts. The gloves are designed to offer a balance between protection and comfort. They often incorporate ergonomic designs and flexible materials, ensuring a comfortable fit and allowing for natural hand movements. This feature is particularly important for tasks that require precision and manual dexterity.

    Vaultex RUB72 Anti-Vibration Mechanical Gloves may feature textured palm surfaces or additional grip-enhancing materials to improve grip and control while handling tools or objects. This helps maintain a secure hold, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by slipping or losing control of equipment.

    • TPR impact protection on top of hand and full length of fingers
    • High visibility finger, TPR, and palm for increased safety
    • CE rated level 5 cut resistance and level 2 puncture resistance
    • Soft latex dip with enhanced crinkle finish for better grip performance
    • Durable and breathable knit shell
    • Superior grip on wet and dry surfaces
    • Excellent dexterity in all working conditions

    Brand : Vaultex

    Type : Latex Coated Gloves

    Model : RUB72

    Color : Grey

    Coating : Sandy Nitrile

    Application : Used in Automotive, Material Handling, Construction, Rescue

    Size : 8(M) - 9(L) - 10(XL)

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