Vaultex FUI Warning Tape - Yellow & Black, 70MM X 250 Meters

Vaultex FUI Warning Tape - Yellow & Black, 70MM X 250 Meters

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Type:Warning Tape

    Vaultex FUI Warning Tape is a durable and highly visible tape designed for marking and identifying hazardous areas or potential danger zones. The tape is usually colored in yellow and black stripes, which are universally recognized as a warning signal. 70mm x 250 meters indicates the width and length of the tape. 

    The durable nature of the tape ensures it can withstand wear and tear, including heavy foot traffic, and maintain its visibility over an extended period. The adhesive backing allows for easy installation on most surfaces.

    Vaultex FUI Warning Tape is commonly used in industrial settings, construction sites, and other environments where safety is a concern. It can be applied to floors, walls, or any other surface to clearly demarcate restricted or hazardous areas.

  • Durable, Strong
  • Non-Adhesive
  • High Contrast Coloured Stripes
  • High Tensile Strength with Maximum Flexibility
  • Colorfast and Long-Lasting.
  • Dimensions: 70MM x 250 Meters
  • Thickness: 35 Microns


    Brand : Vaultex

    Type : Warning Tape

    Model : FUI

    Color : Yellow & Black

    Dimensions : 70MM x 250 Meters

    Thickness : 35 Microns

    Application : Used for Marking Dangerous Areas, Fields of Law Enforcement, Construction Sites, Investigation Zones, Factories, Emergency Services, Restricted Areas Etc.

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