TMB Piccolo Inox Dry Vacuum Cleaner 15L

TMB Piccolo Inox Dry Vacuum Cleaner - 15L

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Type:Vacuum Cleaner

    TMB Piccolo Inox Dry Vacuum Cleaner is designed to clean dry materials like dust, dirt, and debris from various surfaces such as floors, carpets, and furniture. The 15-liter capacity refers to the size of the dustbin or collection container inside the vacuum cleaner, indicating the maximum amount of debris it can hold before needing to be emptied.

    The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an electric motor that generates suction power to pull in dirt and debris. The part of the vacuum cleaner that comes into contact with the surface being cleaned. It is responsible for picking up dirt and transferring it into the dustbin. The container that holds the collected dirt and debris during the cleaning process. Vacuum cleaners usually have filters to trap dust and particles, preventing them from being released back into the air. 

    TMB Piccolo Inox Dry Vacuum Cleaners are suitable for regular household cleaning tasks and are commonly used in homes, offices, hotels, and other indoor spaces. They are not designed for cleaning liquids or wet messes, as that would damage the motor and other components not intended for liquid handling.

    • It has a 3 stages filtration system that gives healthy air to the environment.
    • The intake air is filtered through a dual-layered paper filter bag, and through a cartridge filter.
    • A rear removable rack, designed for tools storage
    • HEPA cartridge filter can be applied.
    • High visibility, 15-meter Cordset
    • Fast Changing Cordset System


        Brand : TMB

        Item Name : Dry Vacuum Cleaner

        Model : Piccolo Inox

        Frequency : 230-240V : 50/60Hz

        Motor : 1 No.

        Type : Dry

        Stages : 1 No.

        Power/ Max. Power : 1200/1400W

        Water Lift : 2900 mm H2O

        Air Flow : 50L/S

        Total Capacity Tank : 15L

        Paper Bag Capacity : 6(13*)L

        Cable Length : 10m

        Weight : 7.5Kg

        Sizes : 34 x 41 x 36 (L x W x H) cm

        Noise Level : 61dB

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