Teka 3-in-1 Installation Stainless Steel Sink FlexLinea RS15 40.40 in Dubai, UAE

Teka 3-in-1 Installation Stainless Steel Sink FlexLinea RS15 40.40

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Type:Undermount Sink

    Teka FlexLinea RS15 40.40 3-in-1 Installation Stainless Steel Sink typically refers to a sink that can be installed in three different ways: as a top-mount (drop-in) sink, a flush-mount sink, or an undermount sink. Each installation method has its own advantages and considerations. The Top-Mount sink is placed into a hole cut in the countertop, and the rim or lip of the sink rests on top of the countertop. The sink is secured in place with clips or brackets.

    Top-mount sinks are relatively easy to install and replace, and they can be a good option for retrofitting into existing countertops.  A flush-mount sink is installed so that the rim of the sink is flush with the countertop surface. This provides a sleek and seamless appearance, as there is no raised rim to catch debris or crumbs. Flush-mount sinks can be a bit more challenging to install compared to top-mount sinks, as they require precise cutting of the countertop to ensure a proper fit. 

    Undermount Sink is mounted underneath the countertop, so the edge of the sink is not visible. This installation method provides a seamless and elegant look, and it's easy to wipe crumbs and spills directly into the sink without any obstructions. 

    Teka FlexLinea RS15 40.40 3-in-1 Installation Stainless Steel Sink is popular due to its durability, resistance to stains and corrosion, and easy-to-clean nature. They are widely used in kitchens because of their sleek appearance and ability to blend well with various kitchen designs.

    • FlexLinea Series
    • Stainless steel sink, SofTexture finish
    • One bowl
    • 3-in-1 installation possibilities: top, flush or undermount
    • PureClean waterproof effect
    • Easy clean radius R15 corners
    • Decorative SQ cover
    • SilentSmart, 50% less noise 3½" SQ manual basket waste, and siphon
    • 200 mm deep bowl
    • 50 cm base unit

    Brand : Teka

    Item Name : 3-in-1 Installation Sink

    Model : FlexLinea RS15 40.40

    Color : Silver

    Sink (LXW) : 504 X 514mm

    Bowl (LXWXD) : 440 X 440 X 200mm

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Type of Installation : Flush,Top,Undermount

    Valve Hole Type : 3½" SQUARED

    Overflow Hole : Rectangular

    Sink Bowl / Top Thickness (mm) : 1.0

    Number of Bowls : 1B

    Net weight (Kg): 3.48

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