Supreme PU Foam Anti Shrink 750ml - Beige

Supreme PU Foam Anti Shrink 750ml - Beige

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    Supreme PU Foam Anti Shrink 750ml is a type of polyurethane foam that comes in a canister with a volume of 750ml. This foam is commonly used for insulation, filling gaps and cracks, sealing, and general construction purposes. The "anti-shrink" feature suggests that the foam is designed to resist shrinking over time, which can help ensure that it maintains its shape and insulating properties over the long term.

    PU foam sealant is ideal for sealing joints, cracks, gaps & holes in the door, windows, HVAC, roofing & pipes while providing excellent bonds to lumber, plywood, and concrete. The offered sealant perfectly fills, seals, and insulates gaps up to 1 inch, lowering your energy bills by keeping your heat or air conditioning on the inside.

    Supreme PU Foam Anti Shrink expandable sealant spray effectively improves thermal insulation in cooling systems & soundproofing applications on screens, partition walls, and car and boat cabins.

    • High Quality.
    • Multipurpose Anti Shrink Sealant.
    • All Purpose PU Foam.
    • High Foaming Rate.
    • Lower Energy costs.
    • It is best as Insulator & Soundproofing. 
    • Keep the can bottom up during application.
    • To use, Shake the can 20-30 times. Hold the can with the valve facing downwards, foam extrusion can be controlled accurately by varying the pressure by tilting the adapter.
    It's important to note that this type of foam can expand significantly upon application, so it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and eye protection. Supreme PU Foam Anti Shrink can also be difficult to remove once it has cured, so it's important to clean up any excess foam before it dries.

    Brand : SUPREME

    Type : PU Foam Spray

    Material : Polyurethane Foam

    Color : Beige / Off White

    Net Quantity : 750ml

    In Box : 750ml Pack of 1pc

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