SCI TC2 Traffic Cone - 50 Cm X 1.5 KG

SCI TC2 Traffic Cone - 50 Cm X 1.5 KG

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Type:Traffic Cone

    SCI TC2 Traffic Cone is a traffic cone that has a height of 50 cm and weighs approximately 1.5 kilograms. Traffic cones are commonly used on roads and construction sites to redirect traffic, mark hazards, or indicate temporary changes in traffic patterns.

    The Traffic Cone is designed to meet certain standards and regulations for traffic safety. It is likely made of durable materials, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or similar plastic, to withstand outdoor conditions and provide visibility to drivers.

    SCI TC2 Traffic Cone's height of 50 cm makes it easily visible to motorists, while the weight of 1.5 kilograms helps ensure stability and prevents it from being easily moved by wind or passing vehicles.

    • Molded, UV Resistant Cone With High-Performance PVC Pocketed Sleeve
    • Anti-Slip Rubber Base
    • Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Uses

        Brand : SCI

        Type : Traffic Cone

        Model : TC2

        Height : 50cm

        Weight : 1.5 Kg

        Material : PVC

        Color : Orange

        Application : To Be Used On Roadways, Maintenance Of Freeways, Hotels, Residential Quarters, Dangerous Zones, Building Sites, etc.

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