SCI S1317RED Solar Flashing Light With Bracket

SCI S1317RED Solar Flashing Light With Bracket

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Type:Solar Flashing Light

    SCI S1317RED Solar Flashing Light with Bracket is a solar-powered signaling device designed for various applications. It features a red LED light that flashes to attract attention and alert individuals to potential hazards or safety issues in both indoor and outdoor settings.

    The Solar Flashing light offers multiple flashing modes, typically including steady-on, single-flash, double-flash, or alternate-flash patterns. These options enhance visibility and ensure that the light can effectively convey the intended warning or signal. It is typically constructed with durable materials such as polycarbonate or ABS plastic that can resist impact, UV radiation, and water exposure. 

    The light is accompanied by a bracket, which provides a convenient means of installation. The bracket is usually adjustable and allows for secure attachment to various surfaces, such as poles, walls, or other structures. It ensures proper positioning of the flashing light for optimal visibility.

    SCI S1317RED Solar Flashing Light with Bracket finds applications in a wide range of scenarios, including construction sites, road work zones, parking lots, airports, railway crossings, marine environments, and other areas where visibility and warning signals are crucial for safety.

  • High-Intensity Double Sided Light With Bright LED
  • UV Stabilised High Impact Polyethylene Case
  • Outside Water-Proof Switch With Photocell Make the Light Dusk on and Dawn Off
  • With Metal Handle and Bracket


    Brand : SCI

    Type : Solar Flashing Light With Bracket

    Model : S1317RED

    Color : Red

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