SCI S1317 Solar Flashing Light With Bracket

SCI S1317 Solar Flashing Light With Bracket

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Type:Solar Flashing Light

    SCI S1317 Solar Flashing Light With Bracket is a solar-powered lighting device designed for various applications, particularly for enhanced visibility and safety. It typically consists of a flashing light unit and a mounting bracket for easy installation. The light is powered by a built-in solar panel, which converts sunlight into electricity. 

    The light unit is equipped with LED bulbs that produce a bright, flashing light. This flashing pattern enhances visibility and alerts drivers or pedestrians to potential hazards or specific areas. This light is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

    The device comes with a mounting bracket, allowing for easy installation on poles, signs, barriers, or other structures. The bracket securely holds the light unit in place, ensuring stability and proper positioning. It can be used in numerous applications, such as road construction zones, pedestrian crossings, parking lots, airports, and other areas where increased visibility is necessary for safety.

    SCI S1317 Solar Flashing Light With Bracket typically features an integrated light sensor and intelligent control system, enabling automatic operation. It turns on at dusk or in low-light conditions and turns off during daylight hours, conserving energy and ensuring continuous operation.

  • High-Intensity Double Sided Light With Bright LED
  • UV Stabilised High Impact Polyethylene Case
  • Outside Water-Proof Switch With Photocell Make the Light Dusk on & Dawn Off
  • With Metal Handle and Bracket
  • Works with solar or batteries


    Brand : SCI

    Type : Solar Flashing Light With Bracket

    Model : S1317

    Color : Amber

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