Schneider Electric Ultimate Screwless Flat Plate 2 Pole Switch 1 Gang GU2411BAB - Antique Brass

Schneider Electric Ultimate Screwless Flat Plate 2 Pole Switch 1 Gang GU2411BAB - Antique Brass

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Brand:Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric GU2411BAB Screwless Flat Plate 2-Pole Switch is a specific type of light switch commonly used in households or commercial buildings. The switch doesn't have visible screws on the front plate. Instead of being secured with screws, it likely uses a different method for installation, which can provide a sleeker and more modern appearance.

    The switch has a flat, smooth faceplate without any raised or recessed sections. This design is often chosen for its clean and minimalist look. 2-Pole switch controls two separate circuits. It can control two different sets of lights or electrical devices with this switch.1 Gang is the size or configuration of the switch. It is a single switch controlling one set of lights or electrical devices. Antique Brass is the color of the switch. It is a type of metal finish that has a vintage or aged appearance. 

    • The easy-clip screwless front plate for simple removal and replacement
    • Curved, matching metal rocker retracts to its original position after depression
    • Full 16AX rating for Fluorescent and inductive loads

    Brand : Schneider Electric

    Item Name : Screwless Flat Plate Switch

    Model : GU2411BAB

    Color : Antique Brass

    Rated Current : 20 AX

    Package1 Length*Width*Height : 3.5 cm x 8.8 cm x 8.8 cm

    Control Type : Rocker

    Depth : 35mm

    Device Mounting : Wall Mounted

    Height : 88mm

    Mounting Support : Mounting Box

    Number Of Gangs : 1 Gang

    Pilot Light : Neon Indicator Lamp

    Range : Ultimate

    Width : 88mm

    Standards : BS EN 60669-1

    Switch Function : 2-Pole

    Weight : 179.0g

    Quantity : Set Of 1

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