Roots Scrub B 430 Battery Operated Automatic Scrubber Drier 800W

Roots Scrub B 430 Battery Operated Automatic Scrubber Drier - 800W

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Brand:Roots Multiclean Ltd
Type:Automatic Scrubber Drier

    Roots Scrub B 430 Battery Operated Automatic Scrubber Drier is a type of cleaning machine designed to clean and dry floors efficiently. It is equipped with a battery-powered motor that drives the scrubbing and drying functions, eliminating the need for a power cord, providing greater mobility, and making it suitable for areas without direct access to electrical outlets.

    The machine features scrubbing brushes or pads that rotate or oscillate to effectively remove dirt, stains, and grime from the floor surface. With an 800W motor, the scrubber drier provides sufficient power to handle various floor types, such as tile, vinyl, hardwood, concrete, and more. The automatic scrubbing and drying functions reduce the manual effort required for floor cleaning, significantly saving time and increasing productivity. 

    Roots B 430 Battery Operated Automatic Scrubber Drier typically has a water tank and a separate solution tank for detergent. The scrubber drier dispenses water and detergent as needed during the cleaning process, helping to optimize water usage and reduce waste. Modern scrubber driers are designed with user convenience in mind. They often have adjustable handles, intuitive controls, and ergonomic features to enhance operator comfort during extended cleaning sessions.

    • It is a handy, battery-driven scrubber-drier for quick, economical, and effective cleaning of all types of hard floors.
    • The extremely compact and robustly constructed machine guarantees a high degree of maneuverability,
    • Easy handling and good visibility. The height-adjustable operating handle and the adjustable brush drive are ideal.
    • Electric brush change, straight squeegee as well as easy access to the machine ensures low running costs,
    • Optimum cleanliness and ease of maintenance.
    • A variety of brushes and pads are available as options to suit your floor requirement.

        Brand : Roots

        Item Name : Battery Operated Automatic Scrubber Drier

        Model : RTS559320019-00

        Scrubbing Width : 430mm

        Effective Suction Width : 750mm

        Theoretical Area Coverage : 1700m²/h

        Working Speed : Up to 4Km/h

        Airflow Rate : 30L/sec

        Vacuum Pressure : 1100mm of H2O

        Power Supply : 24V

        Total Power : 800W

        Brush Motor : 450W

        Vacuum Motor Power : 350W

        No. of Brushes : 1 No.

        Diameter Of Brush : 430mm

        Brush Speed : 300rpm

        Brush Load : 20Kg

        Fresh Water Tank : 22L

        Dirty Water Tank : 22L

        Dimensions : 1000 x 750 x 870 (L x W x H)mm

        Total Weight Empty : 82Kg

        Total Weight Ready to Operate : 145Kg

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