Quanta Alwan 05 5W LED Downlight Panel Warm White

Quanta Alwan 05 5W LED Downlight Panel - Warm White

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Type:LED Panel Light

    Quanta Alwan 05 5W LED Downlight Panel is a type of lighting fixture designed for residential or commercial use. It features a 5-watt LED light source, which provides energy-efficient illumination with low power consumption. The "Warm White" designation refers to the color temperature of the light emitted by the fixture.

    Warm White is a color temperature commonly used for indoor lighting, as it creates a cozy and comfortable ambiance. It produces a soft, yellowish light similar to traditional incandescent bulbs. This color temperature is often preferred for areas where a warm and inviting atmosphere is desired, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and restaurants.

    Quanta Alwan 05 5W LED Downlight Panel is designed to be installed in ceilings, offering a sleek and recessed lighting solution. It provides directional lighting, illuminating a specific area or room. LED technology ensures long-lasting performance, reduced maintenance, and energy savings compared to traditional lighting options.

    • Consume less electricity
    • Energy efficiency and long lifespan
    • Focused and directional lighting effect
    • SMD LED is used

    Brand : Quanta

    Type : Downlight Panel

    Model : Alwan 05

    Power : 5W

    Colour : Warm White

    Color Temperature : 2700K

    Lumen : 400lm

    Life Span : 30000 Hours

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