Milano LED Spot Light 6W 6000K Round White

Milano LED Spot Light 6W 6000K Round - White

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Type:LED Spot Light

    Milano LED Spot Light is a 6W LED light that emits a cool white light with a color temperature of 6000K. The round shape and white color of the light make it a versatile option that can fit into many different design styles and spaces.

    The 6W power rating of the Milano LED Spot Light means that it is relatively energy-efficient compared to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, while still providing bright and focused light. LED lights are also known for their longevity, with many lasting for tens of thousands of hours of use.

    The cool white light produced by this spotlight can be ideal for use in spaces where a more bright and more energetic atmosphere is desired, such as in a kitchen or office. The focused nature of the light also makes it a great option for task lighting, such as for reading or working on a project.

    Overall, Milano LED Spotlight is a high-quality LED light that offers cool and focused lighting while being energy-efficient and long-lasting.



    • Commercial, Residential, Hotels, Retail Stores, Focusing Objects, etc.

    Brand : Milano

    Type : Spotlight

    Color : White

    Voltage : 100-265V

    Color Temperature : 6000K

    Power : 6W

    Lumen : 420lm

    CRI : >80

    IP : IP-20

    Energy Saving : 90%

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