Milano Electric Water Heater Vertical FWH-30-15L1, 1500 W, 30 L White

Milano Electric Water Heater Vertical FWH-30-15L1, 1500 W, 30 L - White

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    Enjoy a warm and relaxing shower with Milano Electric Water Heater. Eco-friendly and convenient to use with a sleek and compact design for maximum utility. Manufactured with premium materials for your comfort!
    1. Sapphire Enamel Tank
      The Milano electric water heater has a sapphire enamel coating that protects the tank from corrosion.
    2. Polyurethane Insulation (PUF)
      Keep the water warm and prevent heat loss for a long time. Save 30% more energy than the other common types.
    3. Overheat Protection
      Offer protection from overheating and energy saving.
    4. Earthing Protection
      Special device is provided. In case of any current leakage, the electric current is passed to earth, preventing injury to humans due to electric shocks.
    5. Enamel Heating Element
    6. 27% Thicker Magnesium Anode
      Rustproof keeps the tank from corrosion, ensuring a longer life.
    7. CB Approved
    8. Full Capacity

      Brand : Milano

      Type : Water Heater

      Model : FWH-30-15L1

      Color : White

      Capacity : 30 L

      Installation : Vertical

      Material : Blue Diamond Inner Tank

      Rated Frequency (Hz) : 50/60 (Hz)

      Voltage : 220-240~

      Weight (Kg) : 10.00

      Rated Power (W) : 1500

      Rated Temp. (C°) : 30-75

      Thickness of inner steel tank (mm) : 1.8mm

      Water Proof Degree : IPX4

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