IPC Pulex Window Applicator Sleeve - 45cm

IPC Pulex Window Applicator Sleeve 45cm

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Brand:IPC Pulex
Type:Window Applicator Sleeve

    IPC Pulex Window Applicator Sleeve is a tool used in the cleaning and application of various substances on windows and glass surfaces. It is typically made of a soft, absorbent material, such as microfiber, that helps to remove dirt, dust, and grime from the glass without scratching or leaving streaks.

    The 45cm is the length of the applicator sleeve. A 45cm sleeve would be suitable for larger windows or glass surfaces, as it provides a wider coverage area and allows for faster cleaning and application.

    IPC Pulex Window Applicator Sleeve is commonly used by professional window cleaners or individuals who want to achieve a streak-free and clean finish when washing windows. They are often used in conjunction with a window cleaning solution or soapy water to aid in the cleaning process.


    • High-quality material is used
    • Give excellent results in normal cleaning situations.
    • Gentle and still efficiently cleans.
    • Comes in various sizes.

            Brand : IPC Pulex

            Item Name : Window Applicator Sleeve

            Model : RSVELL70088

            Length : 45cm

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