Hygiene System Outdoor Iron Ashtray Bin 33L - Beige & Green

Hygiene System Outdoor Iron Ashtray Bin 33L - Beige & Green

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Brand:Hygiene System
Type:Outdoor Bins

    Hygiene System Outdoor Iron Ashtray Bin is typically used for outdoor spaces, such as parks, gardens, public areas, or even outside of buildings, to provide a designated place for people to dispose of waste and cigarette ash. The iron material makes the bin sturdy and durable, suitable for withstanding outdoor weather conditions.

    The ashtray feature is particularly useful for smokers, as it allows them to safely dispose of cigarette butts and ash without littering the surroundings. It has a capacity of 33 liters, which means that the bin can hold a decent amount of waste before needing to be emptied.

    Hygiene System Outdoor Iron Ashtray Bin is essential for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in public areas while encouraging responsible waste disposal practices. They are typically provided by local authorities or businesses to promote a clean and pleasant environment for everyone.


    • Easy to disassemble and easy to clean
    • It eliminates smoke and fire, protects the environment, and keeps public and private areas clean
    • It comes with an ashtray
    • Double-sided garbage inlets
    • Protective ring at the bottom

            Brand : Hygiene System

            Item Name : Ashtray Bin

            Model : HS-110F-33LT

            Color : Black, Beige & Green

            Capacity : 33L

            Material : Iron With Powder Coated

            Thickness : 0.8MM PP Plastic Inner

            Size : 380 x 870 (L x H) mm

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