Hygiene System 4 Compartment Recycle Bin - Black

Hygiene System 4 Compartment Recycle Bin - Black

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Brand:Hygiene System
Type:Recycle Bin

    Hygiene System 4 Compartment Recycle Bin is designed to facilitate the proper separation and collection of different types of recyclable materials. It has four compartments, each designated for specific types of recyclables. Here's a breakdown of the compartments:

    1. Plastic: This compartment is specifically meant for collecting various types of recyclable plastic materials, such as plastic bottles, containers, and packaging.

    2. General: It may include items like glass, certain types of metals, or other miscellaneous recyclables.

    3. Cans: This compartment is dedicated to collecting aluminum and steel cans, such as beverage cans and canned food containers, which are widely recyclable.

    4. Paper: The last compartment is probably meant for recycling paper products like newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and other paper-based materials.

    Having separate compartments for different types of recyclables encourages people to sort their waste properly, making the recycling process more efficient and effective. Hygiene System 4 Compartment Recycle Bin is essential in promoting environmentally-friendly practices, reducing waste, and conserving valuable resources by giving recyclable materials a chance to be repurposed rather than ending up in landfills.


    • These new indoor recycling stations are available in unlimited colors and finishes and are perfect for different locations.
    • Oblique top open mouth design.
    • Silkscreen print recycle sign or message on the body.
    • Black recessed skirting on the bottom.
    • The body and lid are connected with a hinge and chain/lock for cleaning.

            Brand : Hygiene System

            Item Name : Recycle Bin

            Model : HS-102-BLACK-RECYCLE BINS

            Color: Silver

            Size : 1380(L) x 360(W) x 815(H)MM

            Material: Normal Steel With Painted Black

            Thickness: 0.4MM Thickness Of Galvanized Inner

            Capacity: 46L - Each Compartment

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