HPX SZ2503 Stretch & Fuse Insulation Tape 25mm x 3m Black

HPX SZ2503 Stretch & Fuse Insulation Tape 25mm x 3m - Black

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Type:Insulation Tape

    This is a self-amalgamating insulating tape that forms a permanent, watertight, UV-resistant, and airtight seal after curing. This easy-to-use tape is easy to apply to irregular shapes and is suitable for automotive, marine, plumbing, sealing, insulation, etc. applications.

    Temperature: between 0 °C and +35 °C. You can apply the tape to a wet, oil-free surface, although a dry surface produces the best results.

    Wrap the tape around itself. The first layer serves as an adhesive for the following layers. Apply the tape with constant stretch, making sure each new layer overlaps the previous one. These overlaps will merge. Press the end of the last layer to the other layers with less stretch.

    For leaks under pressure, several layers must be applied. Apply the tape tightly. The layers begin to vulcanize immediately and form a permanent seal within 24 hours. Therefore, do not move the tape after 2 minutes.


    • The automotive industry, marine, plumbing, sealing, insulation, etc.
    • The repair of leaking hoses and pipes, sealing of fittings, bundling of electrical wiring, plumbing, etc.
    • Provides a permanent watertight seal
    • Suitable for various surfaces
    • Can be used for electrical applications due to its insulating effect
    • Not suitable for gas pipes or gas connections

    Brand : HPX

    Type : Insulation Tape

    Model : SZ2503

    Color : Black

    Carrier : Silicone

    Maximum temperature : 200°C (up to 260°C for short periods)

    Tensile strength : 4.82 mPa

    Thickness : 0.50 mm

    Breakdown voltage : 8 kV

    Moisture, UV and ozone resistance : Excellent

    Resistance to solvents and flames : Good

    Resistance to hydrocarbons, oils and acids : Good-sufficient

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