Haug Bursten Round Toilet Brush Set HB656 - Beige, Grey & White

Haug Bursten Round Toilet Brush Set HB656 - Beige, Grey & White

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Brand:Haug Bursten
Collections:Household Supplies
Type:Toilet Brush Set

    Haug Bursten HB656 Round Toilet Brush Set is a bathroom cleaning tool designed to clean the inside of a toilet bowl effectively. It typically includes a round-shaped brush with bristles, a holder, and sometimes additional accessories. The brush head is designed to fit the contours of the toilet bowl, making it easier to reach all areas for thorough cleaning.

    The bristles are usually made of durable materials such as nylon or silicone, which are effective at scrubbing away stains and grime without scratching the surface. The holder serves as a storage container for the toilet brush when it is not in use. It helps keep the brush discreetly hidden and prevents any drips or water from soiling the bathroom floor. Toilet brush sets come in various designs and materials, including plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic.

    When using Haug Bursten HB656 Round Toilet Brush Set, it's essential to keep it clean and well-maintained. Rinse the brush thoroughly after each use and store it in its holder with some cleaning solution or water to keep it sanitized.


    • Round toilet brush set
    • With round brush
    • Non-slip
    • Made in Germany

      Brand : Haug Bursten

      Item Name : Round Toilet Brush Set

      Model : HB656

      Material : Plastic

      Color : Beige, Grey & White

      Made in Germany

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