Gazelle Spring Divider 6 Inch G80266

Gazelle Spring Divider 6 Inch G80266

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Type:Spring Divider

    Gazelle G80266 Spring Divider is a tool used in various fields, including metalworking, woodworking, and drafting. It is a type of two-legged compass that, instead of using a pencil or pen to draw circles, has pointed ends or points that can be used to trace or mark distances. The legs are connected by a spring mechanism, allowing for precise adjustment. The maximum span between its two legs is 6 inches.

    • Made of high-grade polished steel
    • Legs are well-finished and balanced
    • Spring is hardened and tempered
    • Solid nut and washer permit fast and positive adjustment
    • Heat-treated points to give an accurate measurement

    Brand : Gazelle

    Type : Spring Divider

    Model : G80266

    Size : 150mm (6 Inch)

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