Crown CT13302 Polishing Grinder - 1300W

Crown CT13302 Polishing Grinder - 1300W

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Type:Polishing Grinder

    Crown CT13302 Polishing Grinder is a powerful tool designed for polishing and grinding tasks. It features a powerful 1300-watt motor that provides ample power for various applications. The grinder is equipped with a 1300-watt motor, allowing it to deliver high torque and performance for polishing and grinding tasks.

    It offers variable speed control, which allows you to adjust the speed of the grinder based on your specific application. This feature is particularly useful for achieving different finishes and controlling the polishing or grinding process. The grinder includes a spindle lock mechanism that enables easy and quick accessory changes. It securely locks the spindle in place, making it convenient to swap out grinding or polishing discs.

    The Polishing Grinder comes with an auxiliary handle that provides stability and control during operation. It allows for a firm grip and minimizes fatigue, enabling you to work comfortably for extended periods. The grinder is designed with safety in mind. It typically includes a safety switch or lock-off button to prevent accidental startups. 

    Crown CT13302 Polishing Grinder is usually compatible with various accessories commonly used for polishing and grinding, such as polishing pads, grinding wheels, and sanding discs. Ensure that you use compatible accessories with the appropriate sizes and specifications.

    • Provides stability and control during operation
    • Firm grip and minimizes fatigue
    • Compatible with various accessories
    • Set includes: Polisher, User manual, Wrench, Additional handle, Rubber plate, Polishing bonnet

    Brand : Crown

    Type : Polishing Grinder

    Model : CT13302

    Power : 1300 W

    Amperage At Voltage : 220-230 V 6.5 A

    Rated Speed : 1000-3000 Minˉ¹

    Spindle Thread : M14

    Max. Ø Of Rubber Sanding Plate : 180 Mm

    Weight : 3.1 Kg

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