Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Long Lance High Pressure Washer 1100W

Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Long Lance High Pressure Washer 1100W

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Type:Pressure Washer
    Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Long Lance High-Pressure Washer is ideal for small-to-medium jobs around the home. This compact high-pressure washer offers fast and effortless cleaning performance. With 100-bar cleaning power and a Variable Fan Jet Nozzle, cleaning cars, patios, and garden furniture are easy. Push-fit connections make setting up easy.
    • Bosch High-Pressure Washers are capable of self-priming from an external water source, such as a rainwater tank or container. This gives the pressure washer increased flexibility and mobility in cleaning.
    • Bosch Push-fit connections make set-up quick and easy. Hoses and nozzles simply click into place, to get started straight away.
    • The two filters increase the protection from debris entering the machine and therefore extend product life. Double filtration ensures efficient running and reliability.
    • Bosch pressure washer's lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for storage in small homes. It will fit in the smallest storage areas with onboard hose storage.
    • Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Long Lances compact design allows easy maneuverability for a quick cleaning job.
    • This car pressure washer has an adjustable nozzle – from a forceful jet to gentle rinsing.
    • This portable pressure washer has push-fit connections for ultimate convenience.
    • Easily tackle small-to-medium-sized cleaning tasks with a Bosch pressure washer pump.
    • Bosch's high-pressure car washer is focused on simplicity and is for small to medium-sized tasks.
    • Washing rattan and wooden garden furniture are now made quick and easy with Bosch pressure washer.
    • Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Long Lance High-Pressure Washer helps in rinsing and removing mud from bikes.
    • This high-pressure washer is ideal for balconies or smaller spaces.

    Brand : Bosch

    Type : Pressure Washer

    Model : Easy Aquatak 100 Long Lance

    Motor power : 1100 W

    Max. pressure : 100 bar

    Max. flow rate : 330 l/h

    Max. flow temperature : 40 °C

    Self priming capability : 0.5 m

    Motor type : Series

    Pump type : 3 cylinder

    Cable length : 5 m

    Lances : Lance

    Nozzles : Variable fan jet nozzle

    Hose length : 3 m

    Hose type : PVC

    Hose reel : Manual

    High pressure hose reel : no

    Vibration emission value ah : 2.0 m/s²

    Uncertainty K : 0.7 m/s²

    Tool dimensions (L x W x H) : 165 x 384 x 287 mm

    Weight (without accessories) : 3.3 kg

    Weight of machine : 4.20 kg

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