BN BN6677 LED Rechargeable Searchlight

BN BN-6677 LED Rechargeable Searchlight

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Type:Search Lights

    BN BN6677 LED Rechargeable Searchlight has a durable plastic body that surrounds a large lamp glass. The single LED lamp used in this searchlight has a good exposure power that can illuminate a significant range and the surrounding environment to a large extent. A cloud layer is placed in the front part and the location of the forehead for greater comfort, which will not cause fatigue and discomfort during long term use. The adjustable rope of this headlight also facilitates the type and manner of placement on the head.

    • The rated capacity is more than 400mah.
    • Lead-acid rechargeable battery long-life battery.
    • 2w led bulb for energy saving high efficiency and long life.
    • Brightness is adjustable by the switch control.
    • Ability to rotate 90 degrees up and down for better visibility.


    Brand : BN

    Type : BN6677

    Category : Searchlight

    Color : Black

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